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We are proud to host a variety of clinics. Our clinics for 2017 are TBD. Until then, check out what we offered in 2016…

Clinics (2016):

  • Back to Basics Surfski Clinic with Oscar Chalupsky and Nelo Kayaks– Nelo Kayaks brings you TWO Amazing Clincs at the Shark Bite Challenge with Surfski Legend, Oscar Chalupsky.These clinics covers the basics of surfski paddling, including the safety stroke, the forward stroke, and how to remount the ski from different situations. They will help you improve stabilty, as well as how to set up you equipment. Included is a personal stroke critique for each paddler. He’ll also show you how to keep improving when you leave.Two clinic times are available:

    Friday, April 7th at 10 a.m.
    Sunday, April 9th at 11 a.m.

    Cost is $170 pp


  • Equipment, Paddling and Downwind Skills Clinic with Teneale Hatton (presented by PaddleMonster) – Friday, April 7th, 1 p.m. – Honeymoon Island State Park. Join Teneale Hatton, 6x World Champion, Paddle Monster Surfski and Kayak Coach, for a special 3 hour surfski clinic focused on equipment, paddling and downwind skills.Here is what Teneale Says about her clinic:

    After a group introduction and briefing for the clinic, we will review the following on land:
    • Equipment set up/adjustments for skis and paddles with Questions/Explanations
    • Body positioning/movement
    • Paddle positioning/movement
    • Paddle technique – dry land
    • Downwind paddling

    This is followed by on-water instruction. Paddlers will get one-on-one observation and feedback and Coach Teneale will make small adjustments to each paddler. Topics covered on water include:
    • Entry/mounting instruction
    • Remounting from water
    • Paddling drills that work on paddle stroke technique
    • Downwind paddling drills

    At the end of the group paddle, we will finish on land with a Question and Answer session.

    Cost is $125 and there are only 10 spots available.


  • The 5 Fundamentals of Effective Paddling Technique presented by Paddle Monster and Larry Cain  – Friday, April 7th, 10 a.m. –  Honeymoon Island State Park. Brought to you by Larry Cain and Paddle Monster, this clinic is an introductiokn to the 5 fundamentals of effective paddling technique used by the best professional racers. What you’ll find is that everyone attempts to do the fundamentals things in technique, but execute them in a highly personalized way the makes the most sense for their unique anthropomettric measurements (body type) and fitness strengths and weaknesses. Larry will explain each of the fundamentals – the what, why and how of each – and share drills with participants that will help them learn to execture each fundamental better and in the process improve their technique and ability to move their board effectively. He’ll take a look at each paddler and suggest which drills they should focus on in priority order moving forward.We’ll have a draw for a video analysis and then film and do the analysis with the entire group as a learning exercise so participants can learn what to look for in terms of the fundamentals and do an effective self-critique of their technique if they wish.$50 pp


  • Train Smarter, Not Harder OC 1 Clinic with Coach Johnny Puakea – Honeymoon Island State Park. – Johnny Puakea is a designer, coach, paddler, and founder of Puakea Designs. He is is an internationally sought after canoe builder as well as a championship- winning paddling coach, whose career as a canoeing innovator and promoter has evolved with the expanding paddling sports market. This is your chance to work with the coach who trains the best! John’s dry land and on-the-water instruction will cover the key to biomechanics to set you up for injury free paddling, including stroke analysis and correction, stroke mechanics, training methods, how to make best of your equipment, and more.


  • Epic Kayak’s Introduction and Basics of Surfski Paddling Clinic – Sunday, April 10th, 10 a.m. Honeymoon Island State Park.  This complementary clinic teaches the basics of Surfski Paddling. Learn the forward stroke, steering, and re-entry techniques necessary for the novice surfski paddler.



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