Bar Table: Perfect for Breakfasts and Fast Meals


Strategically placed, it becomes a practical ally for many of our daily tasks. Having a bar table at home is no longer an eccentricity. It is not an element that belongs only to bars and nightclubs. Whether as a countertop under which to store the stools, as a structure on a work island or even attached to the wall. It is an easy resource to integrate into the house. Perfect for breakfasts and fast meals, the bars have a lot to offer. Now that the kitchens open to the dining room are trend. A strategic location, comfortable seats and a studied lighting is all you need to enjoy a good bar. A bar is considerably narrower than a conventional dining table. But it is wide enough to accommodate a few diners and stow the stools underneath when not in use.
As a structure attached to the wall in a passage area located between the living room, the hall of the house and the kitchen. It can be use to leave things when entering the house. Such as a breakfast area and as a comfortable serving dish for more formal meals. The strip of LEDs under the countertop gives it an informal look. Taking advantage of an entrance or some structural element. Such as open partitions or columns is a very practical resource to recreate a bar table atmosphere in the living room. The strips of colored LEDs and the high-gloss resin stools are infallible resources to give the whole an air of pop.
In an elongated dining room, the transition between areas is the ideal location for a small bar. It can be a console under which the stools are store when they are not being used, or a place to put the drinks. To give a feeling of spaciousness to this corner. Nothing better than a wall mirror behind the bar, which will multiply the space creating attractive reflection games. One of the usual places to locate a bar table is in the separation between the kitchen and the dining room. To do this, simply extend the countertop to the outside or install a surface that is blown above it. So that there is enough space for the legs. A stools coordinated with the sofa, cushions or some other element of the living area helps to integrate this space into the set and make it independent from the kitchen.

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