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Beautiful and Decorative Kitchen Shelving Units


There are two types of people, those who believe that open shelves in the kitchen are practical to store and use utensils. As well as beautiful and decorative. And those who think that utensils, plates and glasses should not be left in sight. I personally like the open kitchen shelving units. If we have everything more or less ordered is very good, the kitchen looks bigger and more spacious, you have everything more at hand. And it is very colorful to decorate. There are 3 ways to complement the kitchen with open shelves. The first way is to place only 2 or 3 shelves. It is the ideal solution to decorate with crockery, utensils, jars, wine bottles, etc.
The second is to replace the upper half of the cabinets with shelves. This solution makes the upper part of the kitchen wall more luminous, filling the kitchen with light, giving the sensation of spaciousness. Especially when decorating small kitchens. The third way is to use only open kitchen shelving units without any closet. This makes the kitchen look much more elegant than a traditional one. But you have to be on top to keep it always clean. I did it that way the first time and I regretted. Because it is very dirty, I prefer the first or the second form. One of the key points when it comes to decorating your kitchen is to decide what will be in view. And how and where you will teach it. In addition to practical and aesthetic, if you put some shelves anchored to the wall above the countertop, you will have more work space to cook.
The long wall to wall shelves are the most. But if your kitchen is small, you can play with small shelves of different sizes. As in the Nordic kitchens, if you have a white wall, opt for wooden shelves in light colors, you will gain in luminosity. For rustic kitchens, choose brown furniture and shelves. It is the color of the wood, or gray, the color of the stone. And for a kitchen with an industrial design and decoration, the metallic shelves made of stainless steel or aluminum are the most suitable. Another idea, instead of the traditional kitchen shelving units, are suspended boxes. Square, hexagonal, rectangular, made with pallets … you can place in them everything you can think of. Imagination to the power! Check our gallery to inspire you.

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