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Beautiful Designs Bathroom Tile Floor


This is what you need to know, and you choose whether your bathroom should have a floor of practical vinyl, stylized epoxy, trendy terrazzo or one of the many other solutions. A bathroom is one of the hardest to renovate. It costs a lot of money. And so the materials you choose must be both durable, dirt repellent, practical, beautiful, stylish and everlasting. It can be a bit of insurmountable process. But a good advice is to begin with the floor. Once you have found the right materials for bathroom tile floor, most other things will occur. Therefore, we have made a guide for you. In it you can both get inspiration for the appearance, and décor. And read what the pros and cons of the different types of floors to the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are another popular choice for the bathroom floor. And that’s because they are very robust.
Ceramic are made of ceramic material which has been expose to extremely high temperatures. Ceramic tiles can be obtain from around 400 kr. square meters for honorable quality. And up to several thousand kroner per. square meters for special design and atypical sizes. And there are really many beautiful designs on the market. All you need to be aware is that ceramic bathroom tile floor of course mean joints and joints can be hard to keep clean. Mosaic tiles are ceramic tiles that are smaller than 5×5 cm. The tile itself has the same good properties as the ceramic tile. The surface is extremely hard and therefore also extremely dirt-repellent.
However, the Mosaic has the disadvantage that they have a lot of joints. As mention earlier, dirt and lime settle in grout, and with so many. They can become a big job, keeping clean. If you are in love with the look, it’s an advantage to talk to a professional about which mosaic tiles are best suite for a bathroom tile floor. And especially the wet area. Slate, sandstone, marble, travertine and limestone are all examples of natural stone. Opposite ceramic tiles, they are actually cut out of a mountain. It gives a variety, heat and a game that human-tiled tiles can not imitate. On the other hand, the rough surface makes them more susceptible to dirt. In the shower itself, it is seldom a good idea of ​​natural stone, but in the rest of the room, marble or slate can really help to give an exclusive look.

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