Best Design Storage Coffee Table Ideas

Storage coffee table serves for decorative and practical purposes in the living room. They provide a place for drinks, snacks and entertainment accessories, such as remote controls. Located in the reach of the main living room, the coffee table occupies a central place in the home hospitality. Seeing flower arrangements, art books and sculpture makes the coffee table a focal point in the home. Good designs include features that are safe, practical and attractive. With a growing awareness of the value of green living and the choice of organic products, consider coffee tables designed in sustainable materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo.

The natural materials require little maintenance beyond dusting and polishing from time to time. Protective finishes and the use of coasters under drinks reduce the risk of damage to the table top. Glass tends to show dust and fingerprints, and, in busy homes, it may be necessary to clean every day. Because glass has such a hard edge and can jump, crack and break, avoid glass coffee tables in homes with children. Metal and metal frame coffee tables also have a hard edge. The design effects of glass and metal have their place and work well in adult homes. There are also designs that combine materials, such as a wooden frame with a glass insert in the center of a cocktail table that does not require roller coasters.

Round and oval coffee tables present an attractive appearance. Avoiding the corners of the furniture under reduces the risk of knocks on the legs for adults and injuries to children from the edges and corners of the square furniture take-off. The coffee tables with rounded edges and rounded corners also share the advantage of being more friendly to the body in case of accidental contact. A pedestal-style table (a central support) allows a quick cleaning single time the duster around the leg and the vacuum of the visible area of ​​the carpet or dust scrubbing the floor. Most coffee tables have four legs, some have three.

Good features on a coffee table include a lower shelf and drawers. In a busy house, a small living room or in any home, where clutter tends to accumulate, extra space helps the room cleaner. The lower shelf holds the books and magazines. A drawer keeps notebooks, pens, crayons, small toys and remote controls out of sight when not in use. A coffee table with a cupboard underneath makes a good choice in studios and small rooms, and for anyone who could use extra storage in the living room.

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