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Best Ideas TV Entertainment Unit

TV entertainment unit – You just bought a fabulous new big screen TV. Now your budget is a bit short for a new entertainment center. Do not despair. You have a lot of options that you can do yourself. Just look around your house or the hunt through stores consigning the ingredients to create a craft center that will house your TV and all the components of the media. Make an entertainment center from an antique dresser, dining table side or table console. A dresser or side board works well because it is usually wide and strong enough to support your TV and has drawers or cabinets that are large storage areas for DVDs, CDs and power cords. If the piece is not large enough or strong enough, hang the TV on the sideboard and use the furniture as storage.
Consider using baskets below it for storage. The console should be strong enough to support the weight of the equipment, so try before putting your new investment on top. Wooden book cases are ideal for media centers because they are able to maintain their equipment, as well as baskets for storing DVDs, CDs and other media gadgets. They have limitations, however. High shelves will limit television width. Surface bookstores limit deep components. Long horizontal libraries are the best, allowing you to put the TV on top and the components on the shelves below. If the platform unit has a back, you must drill holes to allow the ropes of its components to go through the back. Use a set of furniture cable hole cover to disguise the hole.
Using trunks as coffee tables is rage, so give way more and use a trunk as a base for your media team. The upper part of the trunk should be flat. If you have doubts that you will be able to support the equipment, buy a piece of thick plywood and cut it with the size of the trunk surface, then place it on top of the trunk. Avoid using the inside of the trunk for storage, as it is unrealistic to open the trunk once the equipment is on top. Dye the wood a nice color that complements the trunk. Use wooden planks and cement blocks to make shelves for the media in the University. Update that idea using a piece of wood on top of two filing cabinets or tables. Buy a thick piece of plywood and cut it to the size you need.

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