Best Metal Bookshelves Ideas

Metal bookshelves – From a practical point of view, a metal shelf will make a very useful headboard. Simply placing the shelves against the wall and then placing the bed against the shelves, has created the appearance of a headboard. The problem comes in the design. Visually, metal shelves are best suited for a garage, shed etc. In a bedroom, metal shelves can subtract the atmosphere, making the room a pleasant place to retire at night less. With some simple modifications, you can recover the atmosphere of your room and maintain the viability of the metal shelves. Select a shelf that is the same width as the bed. If the shelves are wider or narrower than your bed, it will be difficult to disguise lower shelves, and it will also be more difficult to integrate the shelves with the bedroom decoration.

The shelf to match your bedroom. Do this before placing the best metal bookshelves behind the bed to avoid staining paint on your walls or floors. Use appropriate spray paint for metal use, found at a local hardware store or home improvement store. Choose a color that is less likely to draw attention to the material from which the shelves are made. In most cases, darker colors disguise the upper shelves of lighter colors. Take your bed out of the wall and move the shelves in place. If the shelves are adjustable, move the lowest shelf visible on the unit so that it is flush with the top of the mattress.

Cut wooden boards to sit on top of each visible shelf, including the top shelf. Take the dimensions of the shelves with tape measure, and then use a circular saw to cut the wooden panels with the correct size. You can use wood veneer or wooden planks. Dye or paint the wood to match the decoration of your room. When the paint or stain is dry, place the wood on the shelves and, if necessary, fix the wood to the metal grilles with wood glue. The wood will improve the quality of its warm and decorative “headboard” and also hide the metal. As an alternative to wood, you can also cover the shelves with a decorative cloth that will match the curtains, bedding or other colors in the room. Place a dresser or nightstand on both sides of the shelving unit. This will hide the lower shelves at the sides, making the structure look more like an authentic headboard. Reverse the bed in its place so it is the head of the bed against the front of the shelves. Each side of the bed should line up with the side of the shelves.

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