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Choosing Brass Outdoor Lighting

Brass outdoor lighting of your home lets you show landscape or architectural elements even when it’s dark and can be an important safety measure as well. But there is such amount of outdoor lighting available figuring out the best options for your home can be a challenge. Going with traditional luminaires for your home exterior is a safe card because they provide the necessary light while creating a classic look for your home and landscape.


One of the most traditional types of outdoor fixtures is the lantern. The fixtures are designed to look like old-fashioned lamps that hold light, and come in a variety of metals, including brass, cast iron and copper. They are also available in a variety of styles, so you can usually find a design that matches your home architecture. When choosing a lantern fixture for your home exterior, you can choose a wall-mounted model that you can place next to the front door. But you can also go with a hanging lantern and interrupt it across your porch or landing lane. You can also have a lantern fixture mounted on top of the pillars at the entrance of your driveway or gate for a formal look.


Lighting posts are another common type of outdoor fixture. As the name suggests, they are independent posts similar to old-fashioned street lighting. Like lanterns, they are available in a variety of metals and styles, so you will find an option that matches the rest of your landscape. You can also find lamp posts with a modern, minimalist design that creates a bold statement for the front of your home. When choosing security lighting, spotlights often go to the fixture. They produce an intense amount of light without covering only a small, focused area. Inventories are typically round and housed in a metal pipe. You can place them on the ground and aim them on specific areas of your house, so intruders can be detected if they try to break into your home. But you can also use spotlights to highlight architectural and landscape elements or seasonal decorations during the weekends.

Path Lights

Path lights are another traditional outdoor luminaire. They are used to illuminate stairs and footpaths for safety purposes. But they come in many styles, so they can be very decorative as well. Path lights are self-contained units that are low on the ground and are usually made of glass or metal. They can be set at the ends of the posts or installed at ground level. Path lights produce a small local light so you have to place them strategically along a walkway to ensure the entire surface is illuminated.


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