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Console Sofa Table Ideas for Living Room

Small Narrow Console Sofa Table

Console sofa table – The sofa is the prince of every home. And leaving the wall above the head completely bare is certainly not the ideal solution. To create a cozy and warm living room there is endless possibilities for decoration and furnishing. From the most classic and usual as the use of paintings and shelves and console table up to some new and original, there is something for all tastes.

Some are purely decorative; others functional, others still combine usefulness with the creative. In short, we tried to please everyone. If the sofa is separated from the wall by at least 15 cm, it is possible to place or better fit a tailor-made mini console sofa table on the rear wall. Her table top, albeit small, allows you to place vases, books and small decorative objects to furnish the wall and sofa in a truly original way.

However, the console sofa table, like the shelves, is now used in many places and for different purposes. Since in addition to being decorative, it is also a very useful piece of furniture. We can support the lamps, for example. So that the lighting in the living room is not aggressive. Or, you can put it behind the sofa so that it supports all the things that you usually wear when you put on foot (remote control, glass, magazine, etc.).

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