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Creative Brushed Nickel Bathroom Mirror

Brushed Nickel Bathroom Mirror Design

In interior decoration, brushed nickel bathroom mirror is an element that always appears. It is not only a decorative object, it also allows improving the lighting of a room and creating a feeling of spaciousness. One of the places where the changes are appreciated is the bathroom. Sometimes, the choice of a type of mirror can be decisive to shape the bathroom stay. This object of “forced” use is almost always conditioned by the arrangement of the space, since it usually happens that the dimensions do not allow many options in the choice of the mirror.

There are more options than the typical square, rectangular or circular mirror. If you want to radically change the look of the bathroom try mixed designs, abstract and psychedelic shapes or relief, even drops. Although brushed nickel bathroom mirror are usually fixed on the wall in the same way, they can also be fixed with suspended supports. This achieves a minimalist, elegant and modern effect in the bathroom.

To have a good combination of decorative objects with brushed nickel bathroom mirror in suspension you can use luminous and white elements. A very interesting option is to cover the entire wall of the bathroom with a very wide mirror. This ensures that the mirror is the main element of the bathroom, also improving the luminosity and depth of space effect in the bathroom.

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