Design Ideas Black Bookshelves

Black bookshelves offer functional storage and decorative display space for a variety of items. The shelves can consist of any style or material, which means a regular bookshelf, is almost a waste of space. An attractive and creative bookshelf, but not only provides storage and presentation elements of boring shelves but also a decorative, artistic accent to the room. Here are some ideas to stimulate the imagination.

Country kitchen bookcase

Combine decorative paint and fabric to beat an unfinished wooden bookcase in a piece of kitchen furniture with a charming and rustic style. Paint the bookcase a dusty sage (flat surface) for an old-fashioned accent, and apply a feathery, uneven layer of light sage semi-glossy to weather look. Cover the bottom half of the bookcase with sage, cream and white checkered curtain hanging from a bar hidden under a shelf.

Elegant modern bookcase

Put an ugly, old, plain wooden bookcase in elegant and modern furniture with a creative color job. The bookcase will need to strip if any old paint or paint is present, as well as a good cleaning. Paint the entire image of the bookcase, inside and out, shiny black and color thick, vertical, flat black stripes on the back for a hint of contrast. Paint up and at the bottom of each shelf of pearl white, and the thin edges in shiny black.

Funky Entertainment Bookcase

Remove the doors and hardware from an old amusement center, and then paint the windows navy blue and each shelf cobalt blue. Apply small, square, navy blue tile along the front edge of each shelf and the front of the entertainment center for a polished look. Cover the center of the back of the TV section with a blue, white and yellow crushed tile mosaic, which not only provides a funky touch covering the big wires the hole most entertainment district has. Trim the bottom of the amusement center with a two inch high band with matching tile mosaics to smooth the large mosaic design.

Tall Bridge Bookcase

Add storage and an architectural accent to a standard wall by building a high bookcase with a basic layout of the bridge. Begin with a two meter wide, from floor to ceiling fixed by cubby shelves towards the left end of the wall and another towards the right end and then connect them with two rows of cubby shelves along the wall. For example, a white bookcase in front of a jade-colored wall is a white-outline, jade square pattern for a sharp look, while a honey-colored bookcase in front of a creamy white wall forms the same pattern but creates a warm, inviting look.

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