DIY Kitchen Storage Shelves for Foods

Oct 4th

Kitchen Storage Shelves – Building your own storage shelves is an excellent way to take advantage of unused wall space to add functionality to your kitchen. Many kitchens do not have adequate storage and closet space is always a scarce commodity. You have several options when it comes to adding shelves. You can base your decision on the current decoration, the available space, the budget or personal tastes and needs.

Kitchen Storage Racks Shelves,
Kitchen Storage Racks Shelves,

Install the top shelf first. Use the search engine to locate the central post. Roll the studies finder along the wall slowly until it sounds or the light blinks. Mark the center of the beam with a pencil. Roll the study finder along the wall on both sides of your center post to find the neighboring studs, usually 16 to 24 inches from the center post. Mark the two posts with the pencil for their support locations. Use the level to determine the appropriate height point on each right foot and mark the points with a small horizontal line.

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Repeat the process for each platform you wish to install. Fix the brackets to the wall with the drill and 2 1/2 flat head screws. Place a screw in each hole of the bracket. Align the card with the brackets. Place the board by screwing it into the bracket through the top of each bracket with a 1 1/4 inch flat head screw.