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Fantastic Ideas to Use Metal Floating Shelves

One of the advantages of industrial style. And especially the new trend of including elements of that style in any other environment. It is that we can benefit from some very practical ideas, decorative and very good price. This is the case that concerns us. And we want to show you these ideas to decorate with metal floating shelves that we have prepare. Although we must highlight the design of this model of the Swedish company for not presenting the typical holes of this type of shelves. And it’s very low price. In any room of the house will provide an interesting note and high contrast. Even in the most classic and elegant living rooms. Or in other more modern but not less sophisticated. And we can use only one, such as corner, or several joints to form a complete living room furniture.
Used as is, unpainted, it will fit perfectly in any style and especially where neutral backgrounds predominate. But we can also go a step further. And transform them into a much more sophisticate complement. Painted with gold paint and adding mirrors as shelves or on them will undergo a radical change. The metal floating shelves design can also be used as storage and organization furniture in the bedrooms. And both in adults and children or youth. In the bathroom they are of inestimable help since you can store a lot of towels, bottles and bottles without taking up much space. And if we have natural light, a little green, a small or large plant, will combine perfectly with the metal of the shelf.
Both with wheels and without them will carry out a great job in the kitchen. They carry a lot of weight and are easy to clean. To store the pots, pans and pans are ideal. Because the combination of metal floating shelves is fantastic. And if we do not have a pantry we can use them as such by placing a couple of them in the garage, the basement or any other similar room. We will be surprise what fits in these small shelves. If we like to change footwear when leaving and entering the house we can install a Hyllis in our hall, it will do a great job. On the balcony, terrace or patio we can also use them to create our small vertical garden. And if we like to cook nothing like having our own vertical garden of aromatic herbs, we will always have the fresh dressing for our dishes.

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