Find Out Good Outdoor Balcony Furniture

Outdoor balcony furniture , especially well-bloomed, it’s already a little paradise! A micro-garden that we pamper and enjoy, even from the inside . Plans, plants to grow, outdoor furniture, and also lighting … Then, find our ideas to refine the layout and decoration of your balcony. And then, make it the asset of your apartment or house . If the spinning balcony offers an extra room outside. It is not easy to arrange . How to install the plants? Which furniture to privilege in a narrow space? How to isolate a little neighbors? Which plants to choose for a long balcony? So many questions to ask before starting his project. Like a conductive line. The layout must be practical: simple furniture to move, plants easy to water and maintain, a minimalist decoration to highlight the place. In the end, the deep desire is just to enjoy his balcony over the days .

Discover this key tips to think of your spinning balcony as synonymous with pleasure and relax! Most often in a city environment, a spinning balcony is a chance, the opportunity to have at home a corner of nature and life outside . With a limited surface, the layout of the narrow balcony requires a minimum of reflection to be able to take full advantage of it. In order to develop a well-crafted project. And avoid unpleasant administrative surprises. Consider making a request for work at a meeting of co-ownership . A spinning balcony often lacks space. By limiting the footprint, it avoids occupying a surface, leaving it free for something else (storage or better circulation, for example).

The planters can even be equip with a water tank to ensure watering in case of absence to save space, vegetable squares are mounted on feet Visually. The balcony is lighter and the floor space optimize. On a narrow balcony, it is advisable to look upwards to break horizontality. We can play with the heights with fine pots with flared or conical shapes. In order to maintain a high height without being invaded. The plants are to maintain each year to have a reasonable size and a fairly uniform dense foliage.  Among tall plants, bamboo is timeless. It’s a great classic with many varieties. Before you choose your plants for the balcony, you have to wonder what place they will take. And anticipate their adult size. It is also necessary not to turn to plants with root development or large foliage depending on the available space.

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