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Futon Sofa Bed Functional Interior Furniture

Futon sofa bed is provided in their components. To assemble them, you have to join the back of the seat to form a single box, hinged. This base is responsible for turning the sofa bed into a futon couch. The frame is also mounted in another frame of support rails that took place between the arms of the futon. While the design of each futon can be different, the base set is necessary to build the two configurations of support rails and hinged frame and put these two together. Place the pieces that make up the futon sofa bed on the floor. Check that you have all the components listed in the futon box. Move the two stretchers and the two arms to the same side and the back cover and the seat cover to the other side. Slide the ends of the stretchers into the receiver ends on the arms so that the screw holes are aligned.

Screw the bolts into tightening with an Allen wrench. Turn the screws just enough to hold the arms and the stretchers together. Slide the ends of the cover back into the mouth of the seat cover. Lock the two pieces in place with the bolts so that they both form a hinged frame. Mount the hinged frame on the support rails formed by the arms and the stretchers. Connect the articulated frame to the support rails with screws and pins. Tighten the screws on the support rails with the Allen wrench. Adjust the double futon sofa bed mattress on the futon. Flip the cover back flat to form a futon mattress. Futons originated in Japan as thin mattresses, made of straw, which could be rolled up and stored when not in use.

Although the way they are done today has changed, the concept remains the same. If you are planning to get a futon bed for your bedroom, office, living room or studio apartment, the transformation of your futon sofa into a bed may vary slightly from the models, but it can be done in a few short steps at any time, making your space more usable. Pull the backrest on your futon mattress bed forward until you hear a “click” or release the latch on the back of the futon sofa. Push the backrest all the way back it goes in the opposite direction until it is parallel to the floor and clicks. Extend the footrest portion of the futon sofa until it fits and until the legs are fixed to the floor.

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