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Get Different Rope Chair In This Ideas!

Rope chair – hi guys! In this tutorial I will teach you how to string a chair with rope. In this way we will give a second chance to an old chair … I took it from the street and now it is part of our home. It was brown and we painted it in white (well I do not, the whole subject of sanding, painting… It takes my other half). Once sanded and painted is when “I” came into action … It is the first time that I have made a rope chair of this type, but I liked it so much that I already have in mind another drawing to weave. Depending on how you are inserting the strings you will get different drawings. It is not complicated but you have to make the right force so that the ropes are strained.

We start by weaving the warp first (which is the set of longitudinal threads that stay in tension). And for this drawing I have first passed the rope by wrapping the ribbon above and below 5 times. Then I have passed 4 times only the ribbon below and 4 times only the ribbon above. And so on until we finish the whole warp, that is to say the whole seat vertically. And now we begin to weave the plot , which is the set of threads that crossed with those of the warp form a base. They are woven horizontally and we start as in the warp with a knot. But in the plot all the strings are passed through the warp (if you remember in the warp we passed 5 ropes around the slats but then we passed 4 only for one ribbon and then for another).

Depending on how you interlace the plot you will get different drawings. Under the chair you have to pass the plot as above (for this you have to turn the chair in each pass) because although you do not see, it will always look better) … I have not done it. I have been doing a little bit to eye to not have to turn the chair in each round but it was a matter of time, the next I promise that I will do it well. I advise you to wind the rope in a cardboard more or less like in the image 10, since at the beginning you can pass the cardboard through the warp and you save a lot of time since you do not have to pass all the loose meters….

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