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Good Adjustable Standing Chair

Standing chair – Find out how sitting a chair can relieve you at work. On this site, I mainly evoke the standing desk which allows to work standing up. But there is also the chair sitting upright . With an adjustable desk height, it is easy to return to a sitting position if the need arises. So, if you only want to work a few hours a day, this is a good solution. However, this type of office has a major disadvantage: it costs more than an office that stays at the same height all the time. That’s why I was advised to write an article about height-adjustable chairs. I do not know if we are talking about standing chairs , but in any case it’s a bit like that that makes you think.

Chair sitting upright: why a chair adjustable in height?

A chair that is able to operate at a height sufficient for use with a standing desk allows for a fixed-height desk while sitting down. So, if you do not have a height adjustable desk this can be a good alternative. But beware, the advantage is not financial because we will see that this type of chair has a price! The idea is to have a chair if you want to sit for a moment to change position or rest a little. But it can also be a good accessory for someone coming to work next to us. Indeed, if we work standing up, we must be able to put at ease a collaborator to whom we wish to show our work. In short, having a chair is always something nice for the job even if you work all day standing.

A semi-sitting position (or semi-upright)

Another idea would be to use a height-adjustable chair to adopt a semi-upright ergonomic position. Again the idea is to solicit a little body while resting on the seat of the chair when needed. If you want to work in this way, you will have to choose a chair whose height and seat can be adjusted perfectly. This type of chair can serve as a transition between sitting and standing (just to put it gently) but it is mostly used to relieve the backs of people who work a lot standing . Finally, here are some examples of height-adjustable chairs that can be found at different manufacturers. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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