Good Design Wall Console Table

Camellia Wall Console Table

To get a good start in a house, we have to take care of the decoration of the entrance to it. If we think of a good design, we will be able to relax as soon as we enter our house after a long day of work, as well as a good letter of introduction to our guests. There are several ideas to decorate the entries, among them; today we highlight the use of wall console table and the important role they play. We find them with legs, with drawers, with doors to the floor and even suspended.

In addition, we can wall-paper or paint it (for example, stripes), use frames, either one of a large size, two occupying the width of the wall console table or making a composition with several smaller ones; we can also use two chairs on each side of the furniture taking into account the upholstery of the fabric to match the decoration of the entrance.

Lighting is always important in any room of the house, but it is also most grateful in terms of styling, and of course, they are a perfect complement to the wall console table. You can put one at one end for a more minimalist style or two playing with the symmetry resulting in a more classic style.

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