Good Solution To Unlock Metal Storage Box

Nov 22nd

Metal Storage Box – Sometimes, the keys are lost and the need to enter a closed box becomes reality. If this locking, one solution is to call a professional locksmith. Another is to buy special lock-picking tools. However, sometimes this is not practical due to cost or urgency. Absent special tools, good old-fashioned paper clips can unlock a lockbox quickly and easily most of the time. Make a tension wrench for one of the clips.

Small Vintage Industrial Metal Filing Box Ideas
Small Vintage Industrial Metal Filing Box Ideas

A tension wrench is a piece of metal bent at right angles metal storage box with lock. To form the clip on a tension wrench, use a pair of pliers to unfold and straighten the paper clip, leaving a U-shaped curve. Use pliers to tighten the bottom of the closed U-shape. Next, use the clamps to bend the clip at a 90-degree angle. Make a selection of another clip by removing a portion of the curve in the metal so that a barb extends from the clip.

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The part of the clip that was not unfolded will serve as the handle. It is useful to have more than one paper clip available, as they can break by the force of being manipulated. Grasp the lockable metal storage box and insert the clip that is serving as a tension wrench firmly into the lock. Apply a little pressure to the tension wrench, which is used to apply pressure to the inside of the lock. Keep the pressure on the clip in the lock without moving it around.