Great Ideas Grey Wood Flooring

Dec 13th

Grey wood flooring – If you want your wooden floors to have a weathered and old look, you do not have to wait 50 years for this to happen naturally. There are two main ways to make your plants appear gray. This project will generally take at least one weekend, and possibly two, depending on the amount of work required on your floor. Remove all furniture in the room, and use plastic covers to seal doors and windows. Put tape on the cold air return vents or heating vents in the room. Sanding a floor is a dirty job, and your entire house can end up covered in dust.

Wood Light Grey Flooring
Wood Light Grey Flooring

You can borrow or rent an orbital floor sander to save time and effort. And use heavy grade sandpaper for the first pass, a medium grade for the second pass and a fine grade for the third pass. This completely eliminates all the color and finish of the wood. It is also necessary to sand the edges with an edge sander since the floor sander cannot reach into the corners and sides of the room.

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Clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner and sweep away any dust in the environment. Dye the floor with a gray wood stain. Several commercial companies make two spots based on oil or gel based on a gray color. Apply one hand of this stain, either with a brush or a spot applicator. Let it dry. Next, sand the entire floor by hand with fine grade sandpaper. Stain the floor again. Apply a third layer if necessary.