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How to Care Rattan Chair

Rattan chair is a beautiful complement to all backyard sanctuaries, providing comfortable seating for you and your guests. It can be left as a functional and elegant piece of lawn furniture for many years if it is properly cared for. It’s not expensive to protect outdoor rattan furniture, it only requires temporary attention for cleaning, a touch of gentleness and, above all, do not put it on the lawn, then neglected or abused; it should be cared for and enjoyed.


Wash rattan furniture regularly with soap and a sponge. Fill a bucket of soapy water and wipe all surfaces. Regular washing will prevent mold build-up and may remove any accumulated dust or debris. Wash wax is also the first step you must take before applying a layer of paint. Rinse the basket after wiping it with soapy water. If you do not have a hose, rinse out the bucket, fill it with clean water, and pour the water over the furniture to remove soapy water and grime. Leave the chair completely. Apply dough to rattan. DE glosser is available at most home improvement stores. DE glosser will better enable color to stick to the basket surface. Follow the instructions for drips and let it dry.

Paint with weatherproof outdoor paint. Most basket furniture is made of a material called rattan which is absorbent. Absorb moisture from outside and the weather will eventually cause the basket to deteriorate. Adding a layer of paint will seal and help protect it from weather and wind. Apply the paint with any method you prefer, but spraying is the easiest way to get even stock over intricate weaving of rattan. Allow the paint to dry completely. Cover rattan furniture with a tarp when bad weather is expected or when you know you will be away for a long time. This will greatly increase the life expectancy of the furniture. Constant rain and sunlight on furniture, even if it has been painted, will accelerate deterioration.

Tips and warnings

Even knowing is robust, weaving can break and tear up if they are not treated correctly. White is the most common color used on rattan furniture, but you can have fun with the process and chose which color you want. If you like the look of knowing, but do not want the responsibility to take care of it, consider buying synthetic rattan furniture, which requires much less maintenance. Pets, especially cats, may damage their claws. You might consider putting the furniture in an area where your pets are not allowed.

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