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How to Get Marble Nightstand Effect in Simple Way?

Marble nightstand – It is very important to use our imagination and creativity when decorating our house. And many times it is easier than it seems to give a new air to some pieces that we already have at home. Like this bedside table with marble effect. A DIY project that achieves a total change. There are very few people to whom marble does not attract attention. And it is that it’s elegant veins, the thousand nuances that it presents and its delicate texture fall in love. Whether for floors, countertops or tabletops, marble is a genuine and perfect material in any environment. Today we teach you to tune a bedside table with marble effect. A simple job that achieves very apparent results. We know perfectly well that with this work we will not get the real beauty of this beautiful natural stone.

Bedside table with marble effect

It would be very pretentious to want to imitate her beauty with such a simple technique. But we are going to improve the appearance of a bedside table with marble effect that was, on the other hand, quite anodyne. What we seek is to improve in a very easy and accessible way for us those objects that accompany us in our day to day. And it’s very easy to get with the work that we bring you today. This is very easy to achieve, improving a night table by giving it a very different and better look. Although not only can it be used for bedside tables, but you can also recreate it in any other piece of furniture you have at home. The thing is to recycle to improve. The little table, white in color, was quite simple.

What has been done has been to give the board another look with an adhesive paper with marble effect. In addition, you need a sheet of adhesive paper that recreates the marble veins. Today there are many vinyl papers that mimic any type of material. You just have to search a little until you find the one you like the most. Also look for a bronze handle and a sheet of wallpaper (choose both to your liking). You also need some tools (very simple) such as a meter, scissors and a pencil. Have a clean cloth or small towel at hand. Go sticking the vinyl paper little by little, without hurry, eliminating any air bubbles that may form pressing with the cloth or towel. At the same time you have to gently pull the back of the vinyl, until you have covered the entire board.

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