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How To Installing Outdoor Floor Lights On Concrete

Solar Lamp Garden Decoration

Consider installing the outdoor floor lights directly on the concrete when more exterior lighting is desired. You can do it easily if you plan ahead. You will have to connect the power to the positions where you want to install the lights. Check with your local building inspector to be aware of all the necessary codes before proceeding. We have electrician supply wire supply lines for your existing power lines at the outside location. Disconnect the power from the power lines before working with the power cords. An 18-inch trench is dug into the area where the lamp will be placed. Install the duct along the bottom of the trench, running the power cables through the duct and to the point where you will install the light. Remove the internal components of the lighting device.

If you want to install the housing in the concrete and then connect the device after the concrete has set. Place the cover of the light in the trench and use Re-bar to anchor it in place. Pull all wiring through the housing inlet. Seal the entrance of the wire conduit with the sealing compound. Fill the duct entry point with filler compound in two parts. This protects the conduit and the wiring from moisture. Pour a minimum of 3 inches of drainage base into the bottom of the ditch. Do not allow the drainage material to be as high-quality outdoor lighting cover. Pour the concrete into the trench, making sure that the edge of the light cover is flush against the concrete. Let the concrete set. Installation of electrical components in the light housing.

Install the correct lamp bulb and cover the lamp with the compensating ring or protective cover. The addition of outdoor lights is very easy with solar technology. Homeowners buy solar lights for the lighting of outdoor roads, lighting for the other dark areas in front or backyard, porches, and lighting. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and assemble the solar flood light. Anchoring the base of the outdoor designer lights to the desired area in the building or house using the screws that come in the box. If you want the house well lit, put a flood light on every corner of the house. Remove the plastic tabs that stick out of the battery compartment on all installed lights. The solar cell starts charging the batteries as soon as the light hits. Turn on the solar receiver so it receives as much sun as possible during the day.

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