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How to Keep Metal Outdoor Storage

Metal outdoor storage and public shelter is a good way for homeowners to keep up and keep their garages clean and safe. You should consider building or buying a storage hide for your back yard if you have garbage, tools or several chemicals stored in your garage. But when your storage shed is ready for items to be stored in it, you must know how to safely store hazardous chemicals. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your storage hide when you put hazardous chemicals, such as gasoline, into the area.


Pour your petrol for storage in a tightly sealed capsule made of metal or heavy plastic. You can buy such gas containers at your local home and garden store. Make sure to pour the gas into the container outside and not inside the garage or your storage hiding. Attach the nozzle to your gas tank. Normally there should be a lock on the container so that the gas can never accidentally pour out. Check your storage before storing your gas and other chemicals. Take time to see all light fixtures and electrical outlets are safe and secure. Also, decide if an area in your storage hides where you can place a metal cabinet to store the gas, away from any electrical wires or sockets.

Place a metal cabinet in your storage hiding to store your petrol capsule. Make sure you can lock the cabinet with padlock. Also store some pesticides, thinner, pool chemicals and antifreeze in the cabinet. Attach metal cabinet to the wall of your storage so that it never rubs chemicals inside it. Many metal cabinets come with side sections for drilling in the screws that secure the cabinet to the bottom walls. Stand on the left side of the shelf. Measure from the bottom shelf to the top. Cut a 2-of-4 stud to the measured length. Install it as a front support, from top to bottom. Repeat this process for the right side of the shelf. Cut a diagonal piece 2-by-4 for each side of the shelf. This will be supported to tie all the shelves together and make the whole unit much stronger. Spike it from the bottom corner to the top corner of the shelf. Do this on both sides.

Tips and warnings

Make sure all shelves are secured to your storage hide walls to prevent any objects falling on or near hazardous chemicals. If you notice any gasoline spill in your storage hiding, you should inspect your gas tank and then clean up soap and water spill. Never store more than 3 liters of gasoline in your storage shed.

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