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How to Make Comfortable Bean Bag Chairs

Purple Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs are great for children or adults when they want to hang watching TV, read a book or play video games. You can buy a bean bag chair in the store – but it’s cheaper to do yourself. Football ball bean bag chairs look like a giant football, because of their round shapes.
Create a page pattern play pointing at the top and bottom, overlay in the middle. It should be 41-1 / 2 inches tall and 21 inches wide at its widest point. This pattern is the size of a bean bag chairs for adults. This is can create a top pattern by folding paper in the middle and placing your ruler on the cover. Draw an arc that is 5-1 / 2 inches from the cover. Create a substructure pattern by folding paper in the middle and drawing an arc that is 12 inches from the cover. Cut the circle and fold it in the middle. Fold up the circle and draw a line 1/2 inch from the fold line. And cut along the line and throw out the smaller part. The larger is your pattern bit for the bottom.
Cut six pieces of fabric using side pattern pieces from the football fabric and six pieces from muslin or lining fabric. Cut one of each fabric after the top pattern. Cut two of each fabric after the bottom pattern. Pin the bottom pieces together, making sure the right sides together. His bottom bites together along the bean bag chairs for kid’s edge, ironing service seam open when done. Place the zipper right down the back of the base, along the seam you’re just sitting. Sew the zipper down with a zipper foot on your sewing machine. His side bits together along the long sides. Are you going to do it on both football fabrics and animal wool?
Top stitches on the right side of the fabric 3/8 inches from the seams. Stay stitch around the top of the bag on the side pieces 1/2 inch from the edge. Cut the seams so that it will lay flat later. Pin the bag straight together and sew together with 1/2 inch seams. Sew the bottom of the bag the same way you sew the top of the bag. Repeat the above steps with feed fabric. Close the bag to the right with the zipper open. Put the feed in the bag and fill the lining with packing peanuts or pellets.

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