Ideas for Building Custom Bookshelves

Custom bookshelves have increasingly become more popular pieces of furniture to have within a home. Reading is a common pastime, and many people find it soothing to lean back with a nice book after a long day at work. Over a hundred thousand books are published annually, making proper storage a necessity for all book lovers. Learning to make your own bookshelves is a simple process that allows the organized storage and easy access to all your favorite books.


Fit the outer frame. Start by placing the two 60 x 12 inch sides on a flat surface. Glue 35 x 12 inches up on the bookcase to the top inside edge of one side, and repeat with other 60 x 12 side pieces. Then gluing 35 x 12 inch base into the bottom, the inner edges on both sides, creating a rectangular frame. Spike top and base with nails every three inches along the outer upper and lower edges of the side posts. Attach back to the bookcase. Determine which side of the backing becomes the outer side, facing a wall, and which side will be the inner side, is visible in between the shelves of the bookcase. Apply threading around the outer edges of the frame.

Make sure that the 60 x 36 inch backrest has the inside up, and straighten the edges on the back with all four corners on the frame. Push the frame in place, glued downwards. Nail the spine on the frame by placing a nail every four inches around the outer edge. Place the bookcase frame in the upright position, and screw in the shelves brackets. From the base of the shelf, measure and screw in brackets, be 10 inches until you reach the top of the bookshelf. Place two brackets on each side, one for each corner of the shelf. Place 35 x 11 inch shelves pieces on the consoles. Gently push the shelves into place until they rest firmly against the back of the unit.

Glue the brackets to the bottom of the shelf card so that the recessed hangers meet the back of the shelf. Attach the board to the brackets with the clips. Allow six to 12 hours for the glue to dry. Drill support screw seats with 1/8 inch drill. Insert wall anchors into the holes that did not hit stud wood, and tighten the screws until only 1/8 inch of the head of the head is visible. Slowly lower the shelf on the screw shells and adjust the depth of the screws until the shelf is tight against the wall.

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