Ideas for Find Patio Umbrella Stand

Jun 26th

Patio umbrella stand serve to hold large patio umbrellas upright. The stand is typically constructed of heavy metal or plastic, and is weighted at the base to ensure that umbrellas do not plunge, even when umbrellas are inclined to block the sun at an angle. Umbrella stands are available in many variants – some are also built into patio tables or decks for convenience. Umbrellas are usually found in garden shops, and can also be placed online.

Umbrella Stand Easy
Umbrella Stand Easy


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Call your local lawn and garden store and ask them to wear umbrella stands. Make sure you know what type of umbrella stand, such as table stand, stand-alone stand or umbrella, stand. If the point of purchase has one in stock, there is always to see the stand to confirm that it is the right size and weight to support your patio umbrella. Search for umbrella stands online. Many online garden dealers carry a variety of stands in many shapes, sizes and styles. Remember that umbrella stands are very heavy; therefore shipping costs can be quite unreasonable.

Find local ads in the magazine or online to find umbrella stands. Many yard sales and garage sales often put outdoor furniture, including umbrella stands, for sale. If a phone number is included, call and ask if the stand can be released or if it is a pickup only. Look for umbrella stands on the side of the pavement, as often as they are thrown away when umbrellas tear or break. In addition, look for common household items that can replace an umbrella stand, such as a breeze block or flagpole. All objects that are weighted and provide an opening for the umbrella shaft can replace the stand.