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Ideas for Make Stero Shelves

Stero shelves – When determining what type of container you want for your stereo turntable, you can go retro or you can use the most contemporary ideas. While the turntable is level and stable inside your cabinet. Then the type of furniture you use will not affect the sound. A stereo in the kitchen room, bathroom or clothes is a good way to spend time while doing housework. However, the space in these rooms is often limited. If you want to listen to the radio in your home, but lack a counter, table or surface of the stand, you can build a simple platform. Storing items on a wall keeps your work surfaces free of charge. While allowing you to have other accessories, such as a sound system in your room. Select hardwood and sturdy decorative shelving stands for your music platform so it fits with your existing home furnishings.
Ideas for make stero shelves. Place the 1 by 12 by 28-inch plate with the 12 x 28-inch side flat against a work surface. Draw a curve at the corners of one of the 28-inch sides of the joint with a pencil and a flexible curved ruler. The curve is decorative and can extracted to your aesthetic preference. Saw the curves of the plate using a band saw. Push the plate through the saw constantly without forcing it as you guide along the pencil lines to cut each curve out. Sand curves and other surfaces of the board with 120-grit sandpaper. Wipe the board with an anti static cloth to remove the dust left by sanding. Apply a wood finish coat using a brush even. Allow the finish to dry for 24 hours.
Attach one shelf support at each end of the bottom 12 by 28 inches from the joint. The curved corners are the front of the plate. Orient the backs of the brackets along the back side 28 inches long of the joint. Locate a rack stand 6 inches from each end. This will allow you to mount the platform wall studs. Which are spaced to a standard 16 inches in the center of the walls. Insert the provided screws through the holes in the brackets on the bottom of the plate with a screw gun to hold them in place. Then for tips and warnings, rebate the edges of the board to create a stero shelves more adorned by your stereo. Wear eye protection when working on carpentry projects.

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