Ideas for Paint and Repair a Leather Sofa Bed

Leather sofa bed furniture requires proper maintenance and regular maintenance. Without these essential elements, you will lose its beautiful color and begin to crack. Color loss and cracking can come from a variety of different reasons, including weather conditions, lack of attention or normal wear and tear. If your leather sofa does not look like it did when you bought it, you can use a leather restoration kit to paint and repair your furniture.

Ideas for paint and repair a leather sofa bed, select a leather restoration set. You can find these online or at most furniture stores. Most kits come with multiple color selections, leather preparation, finishing spray, an aerosol unit, gloves, a paddle knife and sponge applicators. Make sure your kit has all these products and the color you need. Cover the work area. Use newspaper, a sheet or a plastic cover to protect other elements from exposure to chemicals. Apply a preparation solution on the leather with the sponge and rub with an abrasive pad. This process will eliminate the finish of manufacturing. Continue this process until you begin to see the skin color rising, exposing the color below. You will also see the excess color in the abrasive pad. Clean the leather. Use a cloth cleaner and wet alcohol. Let the skin dry for 30 minutes.

Clean a thin layer of filler in the cracks with a paddle knife. The painted layer of the skin becomes mostly cracked. You will have fewer cracks to fill if this layer is removed during the preparation. Let the filling dry for about 3 minutes. Apply the first layer of color. Rub a small amount of color on the skin with a clean sponge. Work the color in any gap or creases. If you notice more cracks, just apply more filler. Manage second layer of color. Extension of color throughout the sofa with the sponge, with soft and even. If the color is too thick, it will make the bubbles and the races. If this happens, take a cloth and immediately smooth the surface. Let the layer dry.

Attach the spray unit to the color collection tube for the aerosol layer. Keep the spray 6 to 8 inches from the surface and dispense a thin and even layer of color. Apply a thin layer of spray finish once the color has completely dried. Allow the sofa to dry. Wait approximately 48 hours before disturbing your furniture. Tips and warnings, avoid exposing the skin to harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

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