Ideas for Portable Outdoor Shower Curtain

Truck Camper Outdoor Shower Curtain

Outdoor Shower Curtain – Today’s latest trend for pool owners or those who do a lot of outdoor work is to build outdoor showers. This allows them to take a shower and keep the mess outside the house. Imagine there would be no trace of sand, chlorine and salt in the house. Now if you have an outdoor shower, then you will definitely need some portable outdoor shower enclosures to keep your bathing activities private. You can also use this cage as a place where you can store your swimming accessories. Your bathroom can also have a roof to protect you from the weather. And that also increases the level of privacy. Here are some ideas for a cage for your outdoor shower:

Fold the Cage Screen

Do you want a place for your children to rinse after swimming in the pool, or just want to have an open place to take a shower after a hard and messy workday, so a good shower is a good idea? You can use a folding screen for the enclosure; you don’t need to make it difficult to flatter your landscape. The folding screen will do the job. You can use a can with a wooden board that uses hinges to attach the panels. The great thing about this is that you can fold it and store it in the garage during the winter.

Portable Shower Enclosure Curtains

For a more portable shower enclosure, you can simply use a standard shower curtain. Just grab the curve shower stick, attach it around the shower head and then place the curtain. It is best to choose a shower curtain that will complement your view and the color of your home. If you want a room for towels or other shower accessories, just select a suitable table and place it in an affordable area close to your portable outdoor shower enclosure. You can also attach towel hooks on the sides where water won’t reach it.

Glass Panel Enclosure

If you want a more luxurious and elegant shower enclosure, you might use a glass screen or stained glass panel. The light screen panel is made of metal grille, equipped with small marble pieces inserted into the opening. Both of these options promote privacy without blocking natural light. This is a good choice, because it produces more luxurious effects to your landscape. You might want to choose the color of the glass that complements the surroundings.

Plant Container Cages

This is another innovative idea. Many people really use this idea, because it saves a lot of money. However, this is very time consuming. You can make plant container cages by erecting tall container plants around it that cover your shower. For the floor, you can use flat stones or lay boards and then simply fill gasps with river stones that are rich in color to highlight the design. You can use a complementary shower curtain for the door, or just make a maze of plant cages to add more privacy to the workplace. Basically, this is a decorative cage.


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