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Ideas to Make Outdoor Couch Cover

Patio Furniture Covers for Protecting

Outdoor couch cover – You can sew a cover for a ripped leather sofa instead of buying a cover that may not fit your decoration or the size of the sofa. If you can accurately measure and sew a straight seam, this project will take an hour or two to complete. Be sure to leave room for the cover to give, especially for an over-stuffed leather sofa. This allows you to tuck the excess fabric into the seat cushions. So the cover fits smoothly for a professional look. Measure the length of the leather sofa to determine the size of the body part of the fabric. Starting on the floor in front and ending on the floor in the back. Measure the width of the leather sofa for the body part of the fabric. Starting at the far end of the left armrest to the other end of the right armrest.

Then, measure the arm length of the leather sofa from the floor under the arm and over the armrest for the cushion. Also, measure the arm or side width of the front of the arm to the back of the leather sofa. Increase the measurements of the arms by 2 inches and record the measurements. Calculate the size for each of the three pieces of the sofa cover one piece body and two arm pieces. Cut the pieces off the fabric, making sure to use the adjusted measurements to create seam allowances and tuck into the fabric of the cushions. Place the body tissue over the leather sofa, and smooth over the surface. Place the arm fabric on the arms of the chair. Fix the arm pieces to the body part in the appropriate location to fit the sofa.

Place the cover on the leather sofa so that the right side of the fabric faces the sofa. Align the grip pieces in the proper location. Grab the back edges on one side of the cover, pin them together and repeat on the other back edge. Grab the edges of a front edge, pin them together and repeat on the other side. Take the leather sofa cover and sew the back and front edges with a 1/2 inch seam. The cover should have the shape of the leather sofa. Hem the bottom edge of the cover by rolling the edge 1/4 inch to the back of the fabric, followed by another half inch. Sew the turned edge to finish the hem.

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