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IKEA Console Table behind the Sofa

Small IKEA Console Table

IKEA console table – Adding a console table is not a particularly difficult change to achieve. The console-style table should have a striking material. The wood is excellent for this type of decorations, whether it is painted in black, white or its natural brown color. Try to use a quality wooden table to prevent the moths from eating it over time.

In addition to using it to stand behind the sofa, this type of IKEA console table rested on the walls. A habit that many of us also have. The consoles were made in pairs because they had to support large mirrors. Even today we can sometimes find rooms with large mirrors as they decorate and give the rooms light effect.

However, the console, like the shelves, is now used in many places and for different purposes, since in addition to being decorative; it is also a very useful piece of furniture. We can support the lamps, for example, so that the lighting in the living room is not aggressive, or, as we are showing you in the images, you can put it behind the sofa so that it supports all the things that you usually wear when you put on foot (remote control, glass, magazine, etc.). Now we leave you with our very nice ideas of lovely IKEA console table for the modern living room.

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