Lucite Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Lucite coffee table is attractive pieces of furniture, but clear glass can also appear nude for your taste. It is possible to decorate the glass by etching designs on it. Instead of hiding the glass board with a linen cloth, dress it to a kitchen table by placing a crisscrossing of the festive ribbons on it with the plates that appear between the ribbons. Or decorate a glass lobby table with rose petals, green park stands and a couple of candles. A glass coffee table between two chairs can contain a collection of glass items, such as a glass chess set or a pair of glass figures, while a glass coffee table can contain a small glass urn containing a collection of shells.

Place a wide runner on the top coffee table to add a decorative touch as well as protecting the glass surface of the table. Choose a broker to coordinate with the general appearance of the living room. Choose a vintage lace runner for a table with an antique cherry wood base or a seashell runner with a pattern for a table with a wicker base. Display of plants or flowers on the coffee table to add a fresh look. Place a glass cup full of milk with roses near a corner of a coffee table with a vintage style. Accent a rustic table with a wrought iron base with a plant in a terracotta pot. Set the pot on a saucer to protect the table from water damage.

Place decorative coasters on the table to prevent rings on the surface of the table. Select coasters by hand with beads that offer a floral design for an artistic look or coasters of tropical ceramic fish with drawings to accentuate an informal table, based on wicker. Set striking hardcover books on the table, which are aptly named as table books. These are usually large books with flashy jacket designs and feature many photos or illustrations of the subject. Choose books that reflect a hobby or interest, such as architecture or beaches, to infuse the living room with a personal touch. Set a large book at an angle, slightly off center or stack a couple of books in order of size, from largest to smallest, and fan out so part of each book cover is displayed.

A glass table allows a backlight screen on the table. A glass vase on the table containing colored glass flowers can shine and illuminate the room, especially with the addition of iridescent glass beads or beads or cut crystals. Illuminate the beauty of these elements from below by joining a string of string lights below the table and around the perimeter. Or you could place a small illumination upwards under the table to achieve the same effect.

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