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Luxury Outdoor Furniture Style Ideas

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Luxury outdoor furniture – Revive and add new life to your shabby-chic furniture with decorative furniture paint. There is a style of decoration painting for your own decoration, from urban elegance to contemporary to traditional. Mix and match styles for an eclectic look or focus on a single style to coordinate furniture that does not match. Create the appearance of natural stone or wood simply with acrylic paint. Imitation painting techniques include marble, granite and slate, as well as imitation wood grain and brushed metals. The key is to choose the right combination of colors to copy the natural material and the use of brushes, skewers and even pens to achieve the desired effect. Other ideas for imitation finishes include fabrics such as denim, leather, linen or animal skins. Whatever the natural material chooses to copy, get a photo or a sample of it and study it for its colors.

Decorate your best outdoor furniture by copying the styles of famous artists. Painting involves dripping and splashing different colors of paint onto the surface. Start with a background of one color and contrast using acrylics, gouaches, and apply them by throwing paint from a brush. Mondrian geometric designs in black, white and primary colors require a bit more planning. These designs are effective on a flat surface, such as a table or table. If you feel comfortable with your painting skills, paint bright sunflowers on a dark blue background.

Introduce an urban element to your decoration by decorating your furniture with inspired graffiti designs. Study the graffiti samples in your neighborhood and notice the looseness and even clutter of the design. Graffiti usually delivers a message. So select a theme for your furniture, perhaps your favorite phrase or something you want everyone to know. Alternatively, customize a piece of furniture with the name of a person. Create a colorful background on your spray paint furniture that bright colors. And then use a black marker or black paint to outline the bubble letters of your text. The color in the letters so that it stands out from the background colors.

Tole painting is traditional folk art, usually painted on household items, including furniture. And then using a limited color palette and with a small repertoire of different brush strokes, the artists represent scenes of nature or everyday life. Decorate your furniture to reflect your heritage or a culture in which you are interested. On the other hand, building your own tradition of folk art by selecting a few colors and painting scenes from your garden or your vacations.

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