Making Cabinet Doors for Kitchen Cabinet

Jul 29th

Making cabinet doors – Instead of replacing kitchen cabinets all when you use them out or when you want a different look in your kitchen, simply replace the door and reuse the cabinet part of the cabinet. Changing the hinges and knobs also give the kitchen an updated look. If the cabinets have laminate on them, choose a door color that will match the color of the cabinets. Shave the sides of the wood with the router to make a decorative border to the door. The router should have instructions on changing the bits and what bits make cuts.

Making cabinet doors


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First to making cabinet doors, sand all edges of the door with fine grit sandpaper. Rub gently so as not to make uneven edges. Brush all sawdust. Sand the entire door with the ultra-fine-sandpaper until the end is as smooth as you want. Brush the dust and clean the work area if you have a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean the area. The sawdust bits get into the paint or stain and ruin a perfect looking door or cause a lot of extra work.


Paint or stain on the door. Measure the distance from the top of the door of the first hinge and then the first hinge of the second and third hinges, if you use three, on all doors.  Place the hinges on the door, then mark the center of the holes with a marker. Insert the screws with the screwdriver and tighten them firmly. Measure from the side of the door where you want the button. Measure from the bottom and mark with a cross where the two measures are crossed. Repeat for making cabinet doors of another side cabinet.


Measure the cabinet for the center of the door on the front of the cabinet opening. If the hinges do not wrap around the side of the cabinet, measure from the top and left side of the cabinet where you want it to the left position and the top of the door. Hold the door in place and check with the level. Mark the center of the screw holes in the hinges. Have an assistant hold the door in place while screwing the hinges to the cabinet box. Check the door again to make sure it is still level. Measure the cabinet from the top down to determine where you want the door lined up vertically, if the hinges are exterior hinges around the side of the cabinet. Hinges Position the door horizontally. That all to making cabinet doors and preparation to install it.