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Making Gold Mirrored Console Table

Excellent Unique Gold Mirrored Console Table

Gold mirrored console table can add elegance to a room and help lighten a dark place. But mirrored furniture can be very expensive, making them out of reach for many homeowners on a budget. Covering an old chest of drawers with a large mirror is a great way to reuse things that you already have on hand. This will also give you the opportunity to customize the look of the mirrored console table that suits your home


Wear dresses as preparation for color. When you finish finishing the gold mirrored console table with a fine slippery cloth and wipe the dust with a damp cloth. Primary console table with latex based painting primer. Use a brush to prime the agency. Allow the primer to dry until it is dry when touched. Paint console table in the desired color with brush and latex paint. Even though you will cover most of the surface of the console table with mirrors, some color will shine through. Choose a color that will co-ordinate with the style you’re trying to achieve. Bring 2-3 days to dry completely before the mirrors.

Measure the gold mirrored console table with a tape measure. Get accurate measurements of tops, pages, and boxes. Determine whether to cut the mirror to size. Most grinding companies will reduce the mirror size for a small fee. You can also buy a glass cutting kit at a home improvement shop to cut in the mirror itself. Whether you cut the glass yourself or let someone cut it for you, to get precise cutouts and small holes cut out of the box, the pieces for drawer pull.

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