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Making Metal Bathroom Towel Racks

Bathroom towel racks is used to hang folded towels over in laundry areas. They are mounted on walls or are self-contained. When mounting the towel hanger to a wall, it is important to mount them on the bolts that the plaster is attached. Towels are light and unlikely to pull out of the plaster. But if you mount rack to studs, it will never be pulled out of the wall. Stand-alone towel hanger is as simple in design, but does not need to be mounted on anything.
Wall mounted towel hanger
Locate two lines in the wall that is 32 inches apart. Screw one end into the wall so that the opening is facing the other stud. Use two screws. Make sure the bracket is approximately 48 inches above the floor. Keep your level against one of the vertical edges of the console to ensure that it is truly vertical. Place the tube in the bathroom towel hooks ideas that is mounted on the wall. Insert the other end into the other console and hold the console against the wall and over the stutter while measuring the distance from the floor to the consoles, ensuring that they are equal. Keep the level above the tube to ensure it is horizontal. Screw the bracket to the wall with the last two screws. Hang your folded towels over the tube.
Free standing towel rack
Make your feet decorative towel hooks by twisting two 8-inch tubes into the two top holes of a T-joint. The two pipes are in line. Repeat this step with the other two 8-inch tubes and the last T-joint. Screw a 40-inch tube into the last opening of each T-joint so there is a 40-inch tube that is at right angles to each pair of 8-inch tubes. Screw an elbow at the end of each 40-inch tube so that the bend of the elbow is at right angles to the T-joint at the other end. These are the pages of your metal towel hanger. Place the sides of the rack so they are upright, 36 inches apart, so the elbows are facing each other and aligned. Screw the 36-inch tube into the elbows to complete the racket. Hang your towels over 36-inch tubes.

Installing Towel Rack

Drive the knee joint anchor at the points where you need to install the screws in the wall. Use a screwdriver to drive shift anchors into the wall, and make sure the boss of each toggle hanger is close to the wall. Line each towel hanger “brackets with toggle anchors. Insert a screw through the brackets and into the anchors of the gear. Use a screwdriver to drive the screws as far as it goes into the swing anchors. Slide the towel hanger over the brackets. Use an Allen key to screw all the fasteners on the hangers to keep them from slipping off the brackets.

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