Making Wall Bar Shelf

If you have a pair of nice shotguns, and do not want them to hide in a closet or bar shelf, consider building a simple decorative rack. It is an easy process and supplies are at home improvement and craft shops. Once in place your shotgun will have a seat on the wall and be easily accessible. If you put shelves on the outside of a wall seems like it can take up too much space, it is possible to build shelves inside the wall under certain circumstances. These shelves can also be installed in or near internal walkways, where useful space is limited.
Place a piece of decorative characters in front of you so that its length is up and down in front of you. Measure 1 cm from both ends of the sign layer and make a mark. This will be where you will attach it to the wall later. If the wood already has pre-drilled holes for fixing on the wall, then there is no need to do this. Drill holes in the wood where you made the brands. Use a drill that is smaller in diameter than the 3-inch wood screw you will use to attach it to the wall. Measure down from the top drilled whole 3 inches. Place a console down on the board so that the open end faces the top of the decorative layer. Place the top edge of the bracket on the mark you made. Use a pen to mark the boreholes in the bracket.
Action 6 inches down from the bottom of the holder and place the other bracket. Repeat pen marking. Drill control holes where you marked the brackets with a smaller diameter drill than the screws. Use 3/4 “wood screws to secure the brackets. Place the brackets over the boreholes and attach them. Repeat steps 1 through 6 with the other decorative character layer. The only difference is that in step 4 you will measure 1 inch from the top drilled hole. This is due to the fact that the other rack bar is for the pipe on the gun.
Locate two side-by-side studs in the wall to place set boards. Bar shelf design to measure down from the ceiling to the height of the place where you want the top of the racket. Use this measurement for both boards and mark the spot on the wall at the rules. Place one of the discs on the wall and drill a 3-inch screw through the pilot’s pilot hole and into the wall. Use a level to ensure it is straight and then attach the bottom screw. Repeat the process with the second card on the second stud.

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