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Modern Outdoor Pendant Lighting with a Motion Detector

Modern outdoor pendant lighting with a motion detector will help your home become safer. If you choose to take out the trashes late at night, there is no need to fumble for power switches because the light turns. If someone approaches your house at night, motion sensor lights will turn on and scare off any intruders away.


Protect yourself when working with electricity by turning off the power to the luminaire you want to replace with outdoor motion light. Turn the appropriate switch to “Off” and leave it until you have installed motion sensor lights. Remove the bulbs from your existing fixture. Test your existing luminaire to ensure there is no voltage running through the wires. Place a protrusion protector on the gold threaded portion of the lamp socket, and place the second protrusion. Read the voltage tester display to check that the power is off. The needle on the display should point to “No Voltage.”

Unscrew the screws that hold the luminaire to your exterior wall and pull the fixture out to expose the wires. Disconnect all wires and take the fixture completely. Screw a mounting strap into place over your locker. This strap helps secure outdoor motion lights to your exterior wall. Put the waterproof gasket in place to protect your wires from moisture. When you buy an external detector movement, both the mounting strap and the waterproof seal will come. Make sure your new motion sensor lights must be grounded by connecting the green or copper wire in your cabinet to your new fixture. Inside your new fixture you will see a green screw. Wrap the ground wire around this screw, and then tighten the screw to create a secure grounding.

Connect the rest of your wires to install a motion detector outdoors. Twist your white threads together and your black threads together, and then insert each single pair into a thread nut. Turn the thread nut to pull the threads together and leave the thread nut in place. The thread nut helps wire connection remain safe, even for several years. Install the base of your new motion sensor light on the wall, which allows you to install it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The light should mount on the mounting tape and the waterproof seal should be wound around the base to protect the electrical components from moisture.

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