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More Ideas about Patio Storage

Patio storage – It is not always necessary to resort to shelves and outdoor cabinets to store objects and elements of the terrace or garden. Look at this outdoor storage ideas that we present today. So you have everything perfectly organized! Synthetic wicker chests are very resistant and practical. At the last extreme they also allow us to sit on even a moment. For those days when you want to meet outside to enjoy the sun or the outdoors. It is ideal to have a piece of furniture that does not occupy space. And it can be used to have drinks, glasses, support drinks, etc. Continuing with the recycling you can do with another pallet to hang it on a wall. And transform it into a mini bar, build small shelves to support the bottles and glasses. And then hang also several hooks to hang for example cups and cloths.
Homeowners who are in need of storage areas that are large enough to facilitate larger equipment. Such as lawnmowers, tractors, and the like, may consider building an outdoor wood patio storage shed . Many home improvement stores offer design services to meet individual size and style specifications. Or sell several do-it-yourself kits to build a wooden shed. Some designs include access ramps to facilitate items such as four-wheelers or snowmobiles. Paint and decorate your wooden storage shed to match the colors of your outdoor home. If you are looking to store smaller outdoor items such as children’s toys, pool fountains, barbecue utensils or other small objects, a decorative way to keep organized is the bank storage garden.
Wooden benches that have a hollow base under the seat are a convenient way to store smaller items without having to build or buy a shed. Simply by lifting the hinged seat, you can store and access items as easily as opening and closing a trunk. And the storage unit functions as a decorative garden seating area. You will find garden patio storage benches in most garden stores. If your storage concern is no more than a pair of bicycles occupying porch, apartment or parking space, a bike rack may be the solution. Iron outdoor bicycle racks come in various sizes and styles to fit a few or several bicycles. Portable, stand-alone styles offer storage and stability. So the bike does not fall or roll. And you can firmly screw floor-resistant models to deter thieves. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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