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Most Suitable Drafting Table Design

By now, you’ve probably put a lot of tricks up and running to make your job more enjoyable. Maybe you have tried to keep the space untidy to give it a creative touch . You have listened to music to improve the day. Or you have put the photos of your son or your dog on the table to give you a break when you look at them . But being honest, no matter how many tricks you have put in place. Nothing is too useful and the best way to clarify your ideas is still to go outdoors to get in touch with nature. Therefore, the key is to give a green touch to our work table. Research shows that decorating your drafting table with plants can increase your sense of well-being at work. Something you desperately need when it’s three o’clock in the afternoon.
In addition, there are a lot of studies that show that spending time in nature. Or being in green areas can raise our mood and increase creativity. With so many advantages, why not take advantage of the benefits of the plants? But before going and placing any plant on your shelf. You must realize that certain species may be better than others for our work environment. You can also take advantage of the dining table and give it several uses, as in this space. Taking advantage of the wall that separates the kitchen, a shelf has been place to the ceiling and the table has been attached to it. Its functions as a work table and quickly becomes a dining table just by leaving the drafting table and work utensils in the adjacent shelves.
Both at the foot of the bed and in a corner of the bedroom you can organize a study or work area with just a table, a chair and little else. But remember to leave areas of passage between 0.70 and 1 m around the bed and between 1 and 1.20 m in front of the closet to move with comfort. And to open and close the closet doors. If you have a gallery or a space gained to the terrace, for example, you can locate the study or work area there. It is one of the most suitable places because of the abundance of light and clarity. If you can, reorient your drafting table so that you see green on the outside or decorate with a plant that oxygenates your space. Experts say that seeing live plants helps to concentrate, reduces fatigue and motivates you.

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