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Oak Nightstand Decor Ideas

Oak nightstand – Use paint, decoration, ornaments and other tools to create distinctive tables for your bedroom or your child’s room. A variety of elements fall within the scope of fun depending on the decoration and the theme of the room. An adult could be a few simple touches, while a child may want a bedside table that combines with his circus-themed bedroom. Distressed bedside tables mix well in an old-fashioned, country or old-fashioned fourth. You can sand down a painted night table to create an anguished look or buy bedside tables that have already been altered. Look for a plain white or oak distressed bedside table, or find them in various colors such as turquoise, red or yellow. The bedside tables distressed showcase a lot of color along with ruts and defects that make them look worn out.

Dress your bedside table with fun ornaments or decorative accents. Choose lamps with strange shapes that look like flowers or mushrooms. Place dinosaur stickers on the screen of your child’s lamp and surround the shadow with small dinosaur figures. You can also tape silk ivy vines and silk flowers along the border and sides of your bedside tables. Wrap the stems of the silk flowers around the knobs. Use other night table decorations such as crystal bowls filled with rose petals, small chests, glass bottles, seashells and crystal figures. Shaped bedside tables work especially well in theme bedrooms that feature forest, gardens or cartoon-themed rooms. Find bedside tables that look like tree trunks or mushrooms, if you think about designing a mystical forest room. Colorful circular shaped bedside tables can also work well in a child’s room or guest bedroom.

Decorate your child’s bedside table with color, ornaments or other decoration that blends well with the rest of the room. Paint the brightly colored bedside tables if the child’s room has colorful circus, rainbow or cartoons themes. You can paint the bedside table a solid color like yellow and then paint the inside and outside of the lime of the green drawers. A girl could like a purple light bedside table with dark purple drawers and white knobs. If you do not want to paint, decorate the nightstand with stickers of cartoon decals or use glue to add ornaments such as plastic butterflies or ladybugs in the drawers, sides of the bedside table and border. Glue a pink tutu around a round nightstand that has no drawers and only holds a lamp on top. You can also dress a nightstand by installing fake glass knobs and tie colored ribbons around each knob.

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