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Patio Storage Box Design Ideas

Patio storage box is an outdoor area located next to a house. A patio can be closed or open to the elements. A closed patio is typically a living room edition with three walls along the outside and a wall that connects directly to the house. A closed patio can be an excellent place to cool off on a hot summer night without being bitten by insects. Make the patio more enjoyable with these simple decorating rules. The first step is to design the enclosure. You can design any shape you want, but all enclosures must have a frame, armored windows and a roof. You can use software such as auto cad to help design your box. Design to fit the right on top of your patio, with the walls that go down to the patio floor. It’s time to build.
You will have to buy the materials for the patio storage box. The most common materials to use are simple 2 by 4s. Buy pressure treated wood so it will last longer. You can also choose to buy pre-built cabinets or patio semi-finished products. This will save you a lot of work and will also result in a better final product. The price of these enclosures is really comparable to the cost of materials to build your own. The first step is the construction of the walls of the enclosure. 2 x 4s, create frame walls for each side, set two horizontal 2 x 4s and then placing vertical posts about 16 inches apart along them. Leave space for the windows you are going to install. Nailing posts for horizontal joints using 2-inch galvanized nails.
The next step is to build the roof patio storage box. Create a simple frame of 2 by 4 beams at the top of the walls of the frame, and then install vertical supports in the center of each to hold the roof. Place 2 by 4 boards for the vertical supports and even the ends of the roof beams to form the roof peak. Use plywood to finish the roof and tiles with regular tiles. There are also many kits available that allow you to install a patio enclosure that is previously built. These vary in size and style. Many are more complex than those you can create yourself, with steel and glass frames. There are also glass patio boxes that can also be customized for your home. Your best bet is to contact one of these companies and get a quote to compare the cost of building yourself.

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