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Rolling Console Table Ordinary Style

Rolling Console Table – A table is one of the most practical furniture of the home, as they serve not only to eat, but also to order and support objects. In addition, there are as many models and sizes as you can imagine, and you can even learn how to do it yourself, according to what you need in your home. In this note, you will learn how to make an auxiliary table with wheels so that you can fulfill the function you need in any environment since you can easily move it from one place to another.

An ideal option for small spaces, since you will not need many tables, but only one. To start, build the top of the rolling console table with 2 × 6 cedar kinds of wood cut into 80 cm pieces. Try to leave the wood a little apart to allow it to expand during use, especially if you want to have it outdoors. Sand all the pieces. Build the frames. The central structure consists of three frames of 1 x 3.

For this, cut two pieces of 70 centimeters long and another two, 45 centimeters long for each frame. Use the screws to join the pieces together. Make the legs of the rolling console table with aluminum of 5 cm and 1/8 centimeters thick. To make the holes you can make a template that allows you to guide you through the holes you have to make with the drill, according to the height of the shelves. Fix the wheels on the bottom.

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