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Simple Folding Desk to Maximize the Available Space

A desk or a folding desk is an ideal solution to maximize the available space. For this reason, on this occasion. We will teach you how to build a simple folding desk, current and minimalist, that we will install under a window. Thus, we will also take advantage of natural light. To carry out this task, we will use the circular saw. And a guide to comfortably obtain precise cuts. Now we go with the edging. We will use a self-adhesive edging tape with an equal or similar finish to the board, in this case, white. Once we have cut the tape to measure. We present it in the edges and apply heat, with the iron in cotton position. Next, we pass a wooden block so that the tape adheres correctly and no air bubbles form.
Next, we remove the surplus and we outline the edges. Passing a file of fine grain for metal in oblique position to the edge. The next step consists of making the fixing holes in the pieces, with the help of the drill and a wood drill, in this case 5 mm, with a countersink. It is convenient to put a martyr under the pieces to be drilled, in order not to damage the work table. We join the first two pieces and fix them with some screws for agglomerate. To tighten, we must use a screw tip that fits the size and shape of the head of the same. Next diy folding desk, we present the two triangular supports and hold them by means of hinges. As we have done with the supports. We will also fix the hinged countertop with some hinges and screws. We will use three hinges.
It is the turn of the installation. We mark the fixing points on the wall. And pass the metal detector through the area. To check that there are no cables or pipes that we can damage when drilling. With the drill in percussion position and a widia bit of the proper diameter, we drill the holes. We recommend that you put an envelope under the points to be drilled. So that the dust produced falls inside. Insert the expansion studs with a hammer. Place the desk on the wall and fasten it with some screws. Finish the job by covering the screws with self-adhesive cover caps. In this simple, fast and economic way, we have built and installed a folding desk, with which we make the most of the space.

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