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Simple yet Stunning Magazine Rack Wall

Who does not have books at home? Whether you are an inveterate reader or just like their presence. Books and magazines are often an important part of the “home landscape”, magazine rack wall and home libraries. But in addition to its main function (leisure or knowledge), both books and magazines have a special charm that make them decorative elements of the first order. Decorating with books and magazines nonetheless has its art. If you do not study their composition well, they can actually cause “visual chaos”. As they usually have different sizes, colors and thicknesses that. Together without any reason, transmit a certain sense of disorder. It is why many tend to lock them in hidden cupboards, filing cabinets or furniture.
With magazines there is usually less problem. But with books the ideal is to put them together for their height: the small ones with the small ones, the big ones with the big ones. Decide on magazine rack wall with flexible shelves and adjust them to leave the same top free space. Whites, sands, grays or blacks will never be out of place in any environmental decoration. Take out these and keep the colors if you want to get an elegant atmosphere. Another way to “homogenize” the presence of books in the home is to group them according to the color of the spine. You can choose to choose some of the same color range. And place them on a table or coffee table. Or, if you have many, group them all in the same bookcase as if it were a rainbow. Such as red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-purple…
Shows books and magazines in unusual containers. Boxes of pallets, stairs, magazine rack wall or simple hangers are very curious ways to show your books. Follow a rational chromatic scale and give color to your space without turning it into a pastiche. A very original way to show books and magazines is by making large piles on the ground. And showing them by the front or side cut instead of the spine to homogenize the set. Very suitable to give an air chic, bohemian and intellectual at the same time, very typical of artist housing. If you have few copies of magazines or you want to give importance to certain decorative books (whether art, fashion, design or photography), group 3 or 4 on a table. And crown the pile with a plant as decoration. Or with a composition based on flowers, candles, statues or letters corporeal.

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