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Storage Drawers Under Bed Frame Solution


Many homeowners have potential storage drawers space views under a bed. Even a double bed 1 foot off the floor offers more than 30 cubic feet of potential storage. Unorganized storage under the bed often becomes chaotic, messy and difficult to access. However, by building some storage drawers under the bed, you can make good use of that space. These instructions apply to a double bed that is at least one foot off the ground, but you can use the basic plan for any bed. Only alter the dimensions of the wood to meet your needs. Set the four sheets of plywood 9 inches wide in a rectangle. The ends of the long 35-inch blades should overlap the inner faces of the 24-inch blades.

The four sheets should rest on the narrow thickness edge of 1/2 inch. Stick them together and let them dry. Nail the rectangular frame, along with three finishing nails per seam. Drive the nails through the face of the 24-inch blade and into the center of the edge of the 35-inch blade. All nails must be spaced evenly and approximately 1/4 inch from the outside edge of the lumber. Adjust the sheet of plywood remaining on the top of the rectangular wood storage chests frame, its outer edges flush with the edges of the frame. Stick in place and let dry. Nail the plywood sheet in place with one edge per corner and three finishing nails evenly spaced along each side. All nails should be approximately 1/4 inch from the outside edge, placing them in the center in the bottom frame.

Sand the outside face of the bottom of the drawer. You can sand the other faces if you like, but the conclusion is the only face that should be smooth. Press the screw holes of your cabinet-pull handle into the ink buffer, then press firmly against the center of a 36-inch by 9-inch face of your drawer chest furniture. Count to three and remove. Pilot holes in the contours of coupons-inking are left behind, with a drill of the same diameter as the screws that come with the pull of the cabinet. Position the cabinet pull by sliding the screws through the pilot holes in the inside face of the plywood. Slide the drawer of the box into position under the bed with the handle facing out. The dimensions of this drawer mean two drawers fit side by side under one side of a double bed.

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