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Swing Chair: It's Really Fun!

Have you ever seen those photographs of swings or hammocks in the trees? I do, and whenever I see them I feel like a great relax and peace. I love them! I’ve always wanted to be able to have something like that in the garden, as a child … and not so small, hehe. But right now our outdoor space is limit. And it does not give to plant many trees or we were unable to walk through the garden! So one day I said to myself … Why not hang a swing chair on our mountain outings? And the truth is that it is much simpler than I thought and a total success. I recommend you to try it all. For those of you who do not go out to the country very well. It is an ideal way to motivate children to play outside and start spending more time outdoors. And to those who already go out often … It’s just that it’s really fun!
And a great resource for those moments when suddenly they do not know what to do or a change of dynamics is necessary. Swinging in the woods is fun and can encourage children to go more regularly. But it is also the movement of rolling has many benefits for children. So it is a very interesting activity to do always and I would say necessary. Especially in the first seven years. As a subtle allegory to the cocoons. The Cacoon swing chair becomes a personal refuge, a delicate tissue capsule that protects you from the world while allowing you to stay connected, observing or watching.
Imagine a patio, huge, cover in wood, a pool , vegetation surrounding the area, a height enough to admire the skyline and the tiles of the city … Imagine you do all this while, recumbent, you cuddle to the rhythm of the wind on a rocking chair of reeds or bamboo. The contact with nature occurs from the moment you take a seat, lean back and let yourself go. A paradise on your terrace! To hang the structures you need a rope that joins the swing chair. Or other structure, with the branch of the tree. Be sure to tie it well to avoid incidents. We also use carabiners to join the structure with the rope tied to the branch, so that when we want to change the element we just have to open the carabiner and change what we were using for what we want to use.

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