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Tall Nightstand Functional Bedroom Furniture

Tall nightstand are located next to the beds as a convenient place to keep the bedside lamps, glasses or even a vase of flowers. Some bedside tables are tilted because the legs on one side are shorter than the legs on the opposite side. Others are tilted bedside tables because the manufacturer uses wet wood in the construction of the bedside table. As the wood dries, it contracts and can cause a bedside table to tilt to the side. Repairing a tilting bedside table restores the balance of the bedside table and offers a stable place to display a collectible item or keep your distance from the TV sliding down to the floor. Determine which of the night leg or legs is longer by pressing down on the top of the bedside table. The side of the night table that is highest has the longest legs.

Place two 6-by long strips 12 inches of 120-grit sandpaper on the floor of the alignment of the distance between the strips to the distance between the legs that are longer. Tape a section of a plastic sheet to the floor, aligning the sheets with legs that do not require a height adjustment. Attach the edges of the sandpaper to the floor with adhesive tape. Place the longer leg or legs on the top of the sandpaper and move the legs vigorously tall nightstand ideas and again on the sandpaper until the longer legs are the same height as the shorter legs. Place a level on the top of the night table frequently to determine when the match heights of the legs.

If the level bubble is in the center, the leg heights match. Pressing the top of the nightstand tilts to lift the underside of the floor nightstand. Ask someone to measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the nightstand ideas for small spaces. Measure the length of the gap. Consider the measurements. Draw a line that matches the length of the section that is above the ground with a ruler. Align a ruler to the end of the line and draw a line that matches the height of the distance the night table sits on the floor. Place a ruler on top of the line and angle it to the end of the first line you drew. Draw a line to create a design for a base wedge. Cut the template with scissors and trace around it on a piece of wood that matches the depth of the bedside table.

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