The Best Choice for Outdoor Clothes Hanger

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Outdoor clothes hanger – Have you ever broken a sweater by accident just because you used the wrong hanger? With these tips your clothes will stay fresh. If you have tried to stretch your shoulders on a shirt with a too long hanger. Or raised a hopelessly curly shirt out of the drawer, you know how important it is to store your clothes properly. Take advantage of the fresh summer water to clear the wardrobe. And fan the clothes through the outdoors. Then read with it and learn how it will be folded and hanged afterwards. And where to save winter clothes off the road. All that can be stretched – i.e. sweaters, sweaters, t-shirts and leggings – are better folded than hanging on hangers. As folding is hardly stressing the fabric. More hard-wearing materials like denim and khaki also make the best folded.

Everything that curls easily. These include blazers, dresses, shirts, skirts and everything made of pure linen. These garments all have best of a hanging on the hangers. Steel wire trays, are absolutely amazing. As they give you an unrivaled overview of the content. But as they also tend to leave brands on soft materials. They are best suited for more robust clothes such as jeans. Try it yourself by folding the sides of the garment section towards the center to form a rectangle. Then fold the rectangle in half or third until it feels firm and stable enough to stand. Clothing parts with delicate fibers such as cashmere need to give a little extra love. You can still apply the normal folding method above. But only fold the rectangle once. You can also place a piece of fresh tissue over the shirt before folding, but it is not required.

The paper will only support the folds a little. And thus protect the fabric. Skirts should be hung with the top button and at least one other button closed. It will ensure that the clothing stays in shape. Pants can be fold in the middle and hung over a rod-hoop or they can be hung from the edge of a trousers with clamps. Thick wooden hangers are a good, versatile choice that suits both shirts, jackets, coats and pants. Suits and blazers with extra texture are best on curved suits. Bottom straps with adjustable clips are the best choice for skirts. If you are dealing with a particularly sensitive skirt that easily curls. Place a piece of paper between the clip and the fabric for extra protection. When it comes to delicate (and smooth) fabrics like silk, you should wear upholstered hangers or slim hangers with soft coating.


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